P A C K E D - L U N C H E S

$15 per person + GST
Bag of Nuts  |  Sandwich  |  Fruit  |  Protein Balls

$20 per person + GST
Sandwich  |  Protein Balls  |  Cous Cous Salad |  Fruit Salad

$25 per person + GST
Croissant filled w/ Cheese, Ham & Tomato  |  Pesto Salad  |  Fruit Salad  |  Protein Balls  | Slice 

Ploughmans Platters

Ploughmans Lunch 

$35 per Person + GST

Ploughmans Lunch  & Sweet Treat

$40 Per Person + GST 

Ham off the bone I Vintage Tasty Cheese I Caramalised Onions

Stuffed Olives l Beetroot l Marinated Roasted Red Peppers l cherry tomatoes

Pickled onoins l Ciabatta Bread l Marinated Mushrooms l Table grapes l Pineapple

Side Salad l Baby Cornichons

Platter boxes

Boxed platters

Our Boxed Platters are the perfect treat for a great night in with friends and family

Our  standed box will feed  8-10  people.

$90 +Gst


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